The Things…

I wanna store the data I read, scan and learnt, on this section under the things in this blog.

May be there are some people who wants to share something I do; however, I hate my things to be shared with the people who I do not like…!

Anyways, I just do it and keep it on here for the future Burak ­čÖé and my love of course.

***For the people who love Istanbul, Turkey of course know what the “kokore├ž” means – on of the best/delishes turkish fast food- so if you visit Turkey or keep searching which one is the best place to eat it, here is the place where you should go and take a bite from one of them: Emin├Ân├╝ (Kral Kokore├ž).

***”Soylent”, nothing else to be said more…Check it out…! I think the idea is a genious thing and probably it will be the future food for the humanity.(As oppose to you gotta check it out , be careful you decide to start it off)

***”─░nsanlar─▒n hi├žbir ┼čey ├Â─črenecek vakitleri yok art─▒k. Her ┼čeyi sat─▒c─▒lardan haz─▒r al─▒yorlar. Ama dost satan bir sat─▒c─▒ olmad─▒─č─▒ndan, insanlar─▒n dostlar─▒ da yok art─▒k. (K├╝├ž├╝k Prens)”

The love of my life

Today, I just wanna talk about how we met and get together with the one.

When I was doing my higher education in one of the countries that no one can image where it is —but let me give you a hint, the country is one of the coldest countries in the world and has many aboriganals in it— we met in front of the library and she was so pretty… I was so mad as usual becasue I was having some hard time at that time therefore I didn’t/couldn’t even throw a glance onto her.


And the rest is coming tomorrow…

So far it is enough…

Don’t know why I was born in this fucking, dirty and unfair world but as everyonelse, I had to keep going…

The purpose of this blog is to keep my memories regarding of having life with my presious girl. May be we would make our children read this blog to show/remind them our though life and marriage. 

For example, today I am at Israil, Ramallah as working but always thinking my love and the journey with her through BElgrade after I return to Turkey.