The Things…

I wanna store the data I read, scan and learnt, on this section under the things in this blog.

May be there are some people who wants to share something I do; however, I hate my things to be shared with the people who I do not like…!

Anyways, I just do it and keep it on here for the future Burak ­čÖé and my love of course.

***For the people who love Istanbul, Turkey of course know what the “kokore├ž” means – on of the best/delishes turkish fast food- so if you visit Turkey or keep searching which one is the best place to eat it, here is the place where you should go and take a bite from one of them: Emin├Ân├╝ (Kral Kokore├ž).

***”Soylent”, nothing else to be said more…Check it out…! I think the idea is a genious thing and probably it will be the future food for the humanity.(As oppose to you gotta check it out , be careful you decide to start it off)

***”─░nsanlar─▒n hi├žbir ┼čey ├Â─črenecek vakitleri yok art─▒k. Her ┼čeyi sat─▒c─▒lardan haz─▒r al─▒yorlar. Ama dost satan bir sat─▒c─▒ olmad─▒─č─▒ndan, insanlar─▒n dostlar─▒ da yok art─▒k. (K├╝├ž├╝k Prens)”